Asphalt Paving Repair in GTA : 10 Reasons to Start a Proactive Management Program Now!


Asphalt Paving Repair in the GTA: Top 10 Reasons a Property Manager Should Call a Contractor Today!

Other than a facelift of your facilities and buildings, nothing has more immediate visual impact than the resurfacing of a parking lot blacktop and fresh line striping. While asphalt paving repair in the GTA is common, it can often be relegated to a reactive functional project, in response to worsening surface damage as a result usually of the combination of aging and moisture damage. We asked contractors to tell us the top 10 reasons why they would recommend a property manager call a pavement professional today; enjoy!

# 10: You can ‘do it yourself’ the first time around, but you’ll end up calling in a contractor anyway – so why not save your money, time, and aggravation and contact pavement repair contractors in the GTA right now!

# 9: Your competitors use a contractor to proactively maintain, repair, and plan pavement care for their properties, because they understand that it saves them about 60 per cent of the costs than reactive repair. The longer you wait, the more extensive the repair needed, the more costly it will be.

# 8: Most properties in your commercial neighbourhood use a contractor along with a pavement management plan. Chances are very good you will be able to negotiate an area discount by coordinating timing of the work.

# 7: Curb appeal is an integral component in the valuation of a property. Boost the asset’s value with functional repairs and preventative maintenance that comes with an aesthetic bonus! A clean crisp parking lot and driveway shows off your firm’s professionalism and attention to detail. Customers, staff and tenants will be sure to notice.

# 6: An old, dusty, flaking parking surface with fading line striping speaks volumes. Spruce up your brand equity, and invest in the property.

# 5: Not addressing the needed asphalt repairs is like slowly peeling back the band-aid as it tugs at your arm hair, and tears your skin red-raw. Rip off the bandage, call five contractors, do your homework, and by the end of the month you can enjoy the relief that the problem has ceased to escalate.

# 4: A related physical injury or personal property claim may affect your premiums. Mitigate that risk and repair your potholes and large cracks today.


# 3: One day, you will be forced to complete a total reconstruction project for your parking lot or private road. Managing toward that day, pushes it off into the future that much further, and lowers the financial impact because you have become well-educated, thanks to the relationship you built with your pavement solutions provider!

# 2: Every day that pavement cracks remain open, moisture and debris are penetrating and settling deeper and deeper toward the base foundation. Once there is base failure, options are limited to the highest cost repair option – milling and paving. Acting now just might save thousands of this year’s budget.


And the number one reason you should contact an asphalt paving repair specialist today is...

# 1: You can reduce the life time costs of your pavement by about 50 per cent by managing asphalt surfaces in conjunction with an experienced industry expert – after all, that’s what expert property managers do! The best in the industry will even offer leading warranty on their work so you can be certain your money is well spent.

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